The Right Ways to Balance Your Diet

Most people look at the Nutrition Facts label occasionally, normally to check calories, fat or sodium content. However, most people don’t understand exactly what all of the different amounts and percentages mean. The most familiar you are with this information, the more you will use it to make sure that you are getting the nutrition […]

Should I Stretch Before Running?

This is a question that many experts and non-experts have been asking themselves for years. I have definitely been one for the classics for a long time (those stretches from grade 5 gym class). But does it actually prevent injuries or is it just a silly thing to do? The researchers from George Washington University […]

What Should I Eat and Drink Prior to and After an Elliptical Workout

Elliptical training is a stationary walking machine which can be used to simulate walking, running or any other cardiovascular activity. It is quite a popular activity and elliptical trainers for the home can really have a lot of health benefits to numerous people of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, it is something which can be performed all year round on quite a regular basis as it is free from weather and climatic constraints. It really works the core of the body and often is in gyms for those wishing to increase their stamina and do a whole host ofother health benefits. It can be inserted into thehome on its own or as part of a series of machines.

Often what you should eat before and after an elliptical workout can vary depending on the length of the training session which should ideally be somewhere in between half an hour and 60 minutes to avoid burn out and to enhance the body’s fitness to the optimum degree. Ideally, the body should be consuming a lot of carbohydrates before commencing any physical activity so they have the energy reserves to carry out the activity in the right manner and not lose energy halfway through. However, there are different types of carbs and those that you should stay away from are the sugary ones such as those that are found in confectionery and other processed foods which will damage your health and curtail any fitness aspirations that you may possess.

Ideas for Pre Workout Food and Drinks

Essentially, prior to doing an elliptical workout you should consume a lot of slow-release carbohydrates such as power-drinks-showcasethose that are found in oats. Therefore porridge may be a good option to consume as it is not particularly calorie intensive but it certainly has the energy quotient to help you get through any exercise session. Muesli is another good option as it has a nice blend of whole grains similar to oats which will give you some energy although sugar-free variations are better. You need to have some fluid inside you as well before carrying out a workout, although some people like energy drinks, water or fruit juice may be better at least before a workout. Drinks like Powerade, Gatorade or flavored water are very good choices and often sit well with people since they are not overwhelming.

Ideas for Post Workout Food and Drinks

After you have finished your workout, you need something to recharge your batteries and refuel you quite fast without putting on exercise calories. Bananas are a good option. As well as being rich in potassium, they have plenty of good carbohydrates in them and get energy inside you fast. When you exercise you sweat and lose fluids and nutrients so an energy drink which is full of electrolytes will also facilitate recovery and also help you avoid burn out.

Elliptical workouts are high intensity and a period of stretching and resting is necessary to bring your heart rate down as well as to stretch the fatigued muscles. Otherwise you’re at risk of overheating and pulling muscles. Ellipticals are also ideal machines to use when your knees are weak because of the lack of strain they place on the joints of the lower body.